Skincare 101

Hello my beautiful people!

Next week’s tutorial Tuesday topic is skincare 101.

Join me next Tuesday at 12 noon where I’ll be talking to you live about Skincare! Can’t make it live you can still watch the recording afterwards.

Skincare 101

In this live video I’ll cover the differences between over the counter (OTC) skincare products, and the professional products esthetician’s like me use. I’ll explain why some products you buy OTC feel so good at first then a few months later not so much. I will also share with you why the results are not the same as day one. I’ll go over which ingredients to look out for and why. And you’ll find out why it’s a good idea to change up your skincare products/routine once in a while.

Yonka is the brand I personally, trust most and for good reason.

1.They have over 62 years in business

2. They have the resources to fund research and development and are always creating innovative products that work

3. Plant based ingredients with aromatic therapies. It’s also 99% Paraben free

This week’s highlighted product I just love is Yonka’s Advanced Optimizer Duo. Its lifting effect tightens and firms, it’s amazing and I can’t wait to show you why!

Are you looking forward to washing all the stress of confinement away in my beautiful facial spa? I bet you are! Well I am hoping to open as soon as it’s safe to do so which might be as early as June If you make an appointment with me and we need to reschedule or cancel no worries no cancellation fees.

And finally don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10th you can gift Mom any of my services and of course gift cards are available! Call/email or message me for details or visit my website to buy online.

And as always, I have a discount for you to save 20% on Yonka’s optimizer duo! During the live video

So be sure to tune in Tuesday at noon

Stay safe, stay beautiful

Covid Safety

Good Morning Beautiful Friends,

I am a licensed Esthetician, also known as Skin Care Specialist. I went to a specialized school then passed an examination approved by the state of Florida.

Every 2 years in order to renew my license I am required to take a continuing education exam with 4 additional hours of sanitation training. I’ve been doing that for 18 years now.

I am LICENSED and trained to work directly and safely with my clientele and their skincare needs. This is a privilege few professions have, and one that I, and the state take very seriously. In order to remain open I am required by law to demonstrate proper procedures, including the sanitation and sterilization of all equipment and the space after each client.

I have many long term clients who can certainly attest to how thorough I am and always have been.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to me.

Microdermabrasion Demonstration

Hello my beautiful people!

This Tuesday I will be doing a live demonstration on “Facebook live” covering Microdermabrasion and the power of exfoliation!

I’ll cover how often to exfoliate and what products are the best and SAFEST for your skin as well as showing you how it all works!

Microdermabrasion is a safe noninvasive procedure that uses tiny baking soda crystals to gently exfoliate and remove superficial layers of dry dead skin cells that are hiding your inner beauty. Our DXTM Microdermabrasion is the only system safe enough to treat two of the most age-revealing areas:  The sensitive areas around our eyes and lips.

Microdermabrasion is a safe, painless and highly effective way to restore your skin’s natural beauty. Our clients always notice the results the same day.

During this video I’ll be offering my top of the line Microdermabrasion treatment for only $99!

So be sure to tune in for that!

Stay safe, stay beautiful.

Tutorial Tuesdays

Hello my beautiful people!

Yes it’s still quarantine time but I am not going to let that get me down! Instead I am going to do what I can to spread as much joy and beauty online.

For the rest of April and May I will be doing a fun new live event!

My new Tutorial Tuesdays program where I’ll share some of my beauty secrets with you!

Tutorial Tuesdays

Learn about my favorite Makeup tips and techniques! From eyes that Dazzle to lush full beautiful lips you won’t want to miss this!  I’ll demonstrate some of my facial treatments. You’ll see how they work, see the results and learn which one is right for you!  I’ll teach you some of the basics for taking care of your skin, Skincare 101 if you will.  Every Tuesday something new!

But, that’s not all I’ll discount all services booked during “Tutorial Tuesdays ”  by 25%

So I hope you’ll tune in!

Stay safe, stay beautiful!

Barbara’s Virtual Spa

Hello my beautiful people hope you are all safe and healthy!

Tired of all the social distancing and staying indoors? I know I am, and I sure miss seeing you all!

This is why I created “Barbara’s Virtual Beauty Spa” for a limited time I am offering a free, online beauty and skincare consultation session!!

Yes! free!! I wanted to sprinkle a little sunshine especially now when we are all quarantined.

Even in these uncertain times your skin still needs to be properly cared for and lets face it when we look good we feel good and in turn are good to others!

So let’s talk about your Free Counsultatioin

First, we’ll discus your skincare needs and any concerns you have.

Secondly, I’ll review your skincare and/or makeup products you currently use to see if what you are using is compatible with your skincare needs. I’ll check the active ingredients to be sure it is beneficial for your skin and most importantly if the product is actually working for you.

And finally I’ll help you create a facial protocol for your home care routine. Either using the products your currently have or if needed make a few product recommendations and discuss how you can care for your skin before your next facial appointment.

As a bonus I am offering a 15% discount on Yonka skincare products and $25 toward any facial treatment you book during your free consult!!

For another added bonus I’ll share a few beauty secrets such as a massage techniques that target the 3 main age revealing areas of our face: The area around our eyes, between our eyebrows and around the mouth. This is all included in your free virtual consultation!!!

15% discount on Yonka!

How will this work you ask? Thru Facebook Messenger video chat, FaceTime or Zoom. I have all three available for your convenience.

When social distancing finally ends and life returns to normal wouldn’t it be nice to rejoin society with youthful, beautiful healthy radiant skin!

Call Today! 941.725.3102

The First Day of Summer

Summer is here!
Summer is here!
Wear a wide-brimmed hat.
Yonka solar care.

Summer is here!

It’s official today is the first day of Summer! For those of in Florida that means the sun will be in at it’s strongest. We can’t ​emphasize enough the need to protect your skin.

Have your fun in the sun but remember these tips:

Before you go out in the sun make sure you’re using a quality moisturizer as a part of your daily routine.  We Recommend YonKa’s Age Defense category there’s one for your specific skin type.

Always apply a Quality Sun block just before you venture out. We recommend YonKa SPF 50 for maximum UV protection.  And reapply often!

Be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep you cool and shade your face.

Wear sunglasses not only will you look cool but you’ll protect your eyes and the skin around them!

Wear a cover-up on your shoulders whenever possible.

And as always drink lots of water.

After the sun be sure to keep your skin hydrated with YonKa’s After Sun Milk for your face and body to sooth and repair your skin.  You can also add an after-sun prolonger YonKa’s Prolongateur De Bronzage which ensures a longer lasting tan.

Our Preventative Facial Treatments will keep your skin hydrated and looking it’s best all summer long. Now through July Just $99! Reg. $125

If you have any questions or wish to order any of the Yonka products mentioned please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Our results

Shaded Brow Color Correction

This client had her permanent shaded brows done years ago by another technician and over time they began to fade to the salmony-pink color you see in the top photo. She needed both a color correction and a color boost. In addition, she requested minor reshaping to define her arch a bit more.

I worked with my client to customize a color pigment that would compliment her natural color without picking up any undesirable hues such as blues, greys or especially that salmony-pink. Then I color corrected the entire brow and reshaped the brow slightly to better accentuate her beautiful eyes.

Shaded Brow Color Correction

Upper and Lower Eyeliner

Upper and Lower Eyeliner

For my clients upper eyeliner she requested a squared and tapered line. I thought that would be stunning. I squared off the outer corner and tapered the line to the inner corner.

Then I applied a thin lash enhancement to the lower eyeliner. It’s a subtle effect but it really brings out the natural beauty of her eyes.  She is just thrilled with her new look and gave me permission to use these photos.

Thank you!

Shaded Brows

Lyn wanted the convenience of not having to draw her brows on everyday. It became time consuming and would often wear off by the end of the day. Lyn also wanted to strengthen the color of her eyebrows and finetune the shape.

The bottom picture on the right is 10 days after the procedure. Sometimes a follow up is needed 6-8 weeks later to touch up any faded areas for a long lasting look! Lyn recently had an 8 week follow up. I’ll post the final picture once Lyn is completely healed so you can see the end result!

Shaded Brows
Free Facials for Referrals!

Free Facials for Referrals!

Do you love my services? Want a free facial? Just tell your friends about me!

Free facials!Be my advocate! Share your beauty secrets with your friends and family, and tell them why you love Beautiful Skin by Barbara. Whether you love my signature facials, permanent makeup, or any of my other services, I am asking you to spread the word near and far! And I am making it worth your while: From now until the end of October, 2016. I am offering a free facial for every two new customers you refer to me. That’s right: For every 2 referrals you send my way (have them mention your name when they come in), you’ll earn a free facial. That’s my beautiful gift to you.
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